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Masterfoods Thai Seasoning - The Curious Sample meets the Potato

"Nice Evening, innit?" I mused to the lady at the checkout, not expecting a response. "It certainly is," she answered as if to prove me wrong.

Reviewed 26 September 2006 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

Good Food & Wine Show - June 24th 2006

10am is when the doors open, and a lot of the crowd seem to be mad keen on getting in. Many/most were piling into the hot chocolate stand for a sludgy dose of something hot and sweet.

Reviewed 24 June 2006 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

Spreading Sweetness into Cavities of Depravity: Mr Fluffy's Marshmallow Fluff (fat free!)

This jar cost me $3.99. Dental work can host hundreds. Does it balance out? Can one lead to the other? We are getting ahead of ourselves... I'd never thought about making sandwiches of ...

Reviewed 7 June 2003 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

Elixir Is Zoglo

I've often considered my life to be a testament to futility and I've always attempted to offset this galling state of affairs by eating creative and often unhealthy foods.

Reviewed 5 March 2003 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

I would like some guacamole on my chimichanga with a casadia of tomato, onion, and vegetables

Being that I have a somewhat spontaneous personality it is not on rare occasions that I do things that could later be described as foolish or idiotic. In fact, I often do things not because I want ...

Reviewed 10 December 2002 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

Honey - Purity at a Premium

For those of you who watch quality television you may recall an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that included a once New York police cop walking around in Miami looking at the hard evidence.

Reviewed 13 August 2002 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

Egyptian sour bomb ousted from the food pyramid scheme

Racist epithets are the best kind of ethnic slur. Parts frothing at the mouth, a glint of mania and a whole slathering of ignorance, it's a nice chunk of overt xenophobia.

Written Sunday, 10 July 2011 under Media and Marketing

Blending with the blinding light

India: a 64 year old engineer, Hira Ratan Manek, it has been claimed, has spent the last 8 years of his life without eating regular food, dining instead upon the sunlight and some liquids.

Written Monday, 30 June 2003 under The Human Stain

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