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Easter road toll 2023 burns it up at 17 body bags

Only a few days off from the Daylight Saving switch and it's a collective breath going into the Easter long weekend. With 17 off the scoreboard forever, that's one pack of people no longer having to worry about switching the clocks forward after punching out.

New South Wales cleared off all the bases and streams right into the lead with seven (7) on the books. Operation Easter 2023 ran the gamut. In one scene alone it was a game of generations with a battle of 50s and 20s both losing out.

Then comes the bloat in the mid-riff feasting on the chococalte egg droppings and hot cross buns. Each of the middle of the pack shelving two (2) each.

Queensland goes off with Operation Victor Easter with a long headstart. They officially ran numbers from 1 April, but we're not counting for extra credit. They did at least usher one unknown into the abyss of the sunshine.

Which follows suit with Victoria during their Operation Nexus. On the shelf they mark for two. On the books though it's a count for one male and then who knows. It's a zero on the female and a zero on the unknown. The gender breakdown can or cannot be more vague with the inclusion of an "unknown" category being zero while the official count says there has to be something there.

South Australia went on for a mirror match during Operation Safe Holidays Easter. Right off the start at Mawson Lakes one from One Tree Hill loses a match with a tree. A few days later at Lake Plains, another attempt at a tree's life goes off. It's dangerous hitting a tree near a lake.

Tasmania goes mining during Operation Safe Arrival. They weren't going for gold, but perhaps knew they would be saddled in for equal second placing. On the podium there with a Silver Camry and a Silver Mitsubishi going in strong for the tier.

Western Australia slips into sixth place with one (1) off the roads forevermore. It was a group effort from three vehicles with only one chalk outline as the result. It was close to the end for last drinks there being on the Monday of the long weekend, but they managed to mark a dent.

Equally in sixth sees the Northern Territory with one (1) from another type of group effort. All packed into a single can with a lone man left at the scene.

The ACT rounds up the end. Nothing on their road radar though. Quiet there as they focus more on the air travel as who wouldn't want to be out of Canberra by any means necessary.

There must be some truth to fatigue and being thrown about from Daylight Saving Time, as it was an uptick compared to last year. These then are the numbers classed on the clock from 00:01 6 April 2023 to 23:59 10 April 2023. Maybe next time rest a little more before heading out.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 17 April 2023

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