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Easter road toll 2024 foreshadows ANZAC numbers at 25

Not everyone needs to be royal to get cancer, but anyone can still answer the call of the crackle and smoulder during the Easter holiday road toll. Let’s count them at 25 for the period, with more empty seats at the table. Close enough, but not quite an April Fool.

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Review: Barbie

Is Barbie self-aware? Or is Barbie just aware of the self? Being that being cannot exist in a void we are supposed to ask ourselves asking of our selves. If this world is the next, when did we get here?

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Pokémon Oreos x Money Laundering

Rare biscuits are as common as diarrhoea and not surprisingly look good enough to eat through dirty money. Wash, wipe, repeat, and you’ve got yourself a scheme brewing.

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Once Upon a Time in [Latin] America
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Once Upon a Time in Patagonia - an epistolary
“Every day I keep writing this report bit by bit, so that it looks like a diary without a date. Please be patient in reading it.”
(Letter of Sebastian Rodrigues)