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Easter road toll 2013 turns the clock up a quarter century

Shot through the car and more than maimed, you can see all the bodies in bags claimed. Up over down under and squeezing out joie de vivre from the passenger side, Easter once more promises all that Kinder Surprises cannot. Pieces and bits choking down brown shells to signpost a respectable 22 in the bank. A tip more than double last year's shifting sands of pleading hands with SA clasping all.

South Australia just could not be beat, only tied, by Victoria as the pair snatched a bunch of bananas and slapped each other for five a state. It's this dead reckoning, of seeing the goal and wrapping hard against it, that proves you can't leave out the black swan in your rear-view mirror.

Still, it was all up across the top of the board with Queensland taking third with four corpses. The boilermarkers will have plenty to scrap from the metal shards and chassis that tear through the bitumen and long highway routes. You don't ride forever without the spectre of fatigue taking you offroad for a bit of a permanent nap.

New South Wales and Western Australia also strong, continuing the trend of states looking back over last year and knowing they can do better. Three for the middle, a chunky slice of humanity going away into the dark of the night surrounded by the bright lights of the ambulance and police reporting on scene.

Going for a last ditch run, Tasmania dives in for a double in a short span of a few hours. Moving strong at the end, but the momentum already left a dry taste of dirt and sand as you spit out the gravel and glass made rubble.

And as usual we tie things up in reddish tape with the ACT and Northern Territory putting on the goggles of zero. The latter coming down from previous year's pole position.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 5 April 2013

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