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Easter road toll hobbles through a skinny night

Done with a case of caskets careening through the car crashes, the stats on the Easter 2012 period looms a shadow of its former self. We enter through the umbra and flip the soundtrack from John Lennon to Spın̈al Tap. And we're at 11. Barely half of a corpse clipped in half by a flying bonnet.

Neck, neck and broken neck tie the top three with 3 a piece. New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory all clamouring to stuff a body bag into the number one step on the dais of death. A veritable slew of bones, chocolate eggs and the scent of obesity smelling dogs running up the rear to catch wind of those unctuous emissions.

Last year's topper in topping off the holiday road, Queensland, taking a flaming back seat with South Australia to ride up in singles. The casual observer will note that the penumbra is partially formed when the bodies that pile up don't quite match expectations. You're on the open road, keep them clear of the cars by any means.

With the very stench of waking up in a flood of embers, Tasmania, Western Australia and, of course, ACT coming up rumps with zero on the scoreboard. The petty trails of living life on the road and falling asleep in quiet deserted towns. This is the collusion of the three states as they dance around late in the morning, forming the antumbra of keeping the broken blood vessels far too close to their chests.

Like breaking a week in half to render time all over the cut dusted mirror, we shall conclude that when you forget, some of the nation forgets with you.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 4 May 2012

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