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Fear not the floods against New Year holiday road toll

Quiet goes the night, hugging itself a blend of the blood curdling screams and bones snapping under scoliotic metal chassis. While up north where Queensland find their waterbeds overfloweth and mops exhausted, the national holiday road toll knocks half a century, down from last year's questionable tally.

Staying the same as the year previous, Victoria rests its laurels on 16 corpses, body bags and a contentious steal to boot things up and nab the crown.

Out of the gates for the 2010/2011 period, an elderly gent from South Australia hit the number of death and dialled a gasp when his four-wheeler crashed on the Murray Valley Highway. A scalp for Victoria if ever there was one.

Queensland, not to let the washing out of their wishing wells and a majority of the bitumen dampen their spiriting into the netherworld, show form with a 12 mark dozen for their straits alone. Meanwhile, the floods, in far less time than the span of the holidays, continue ratcheting up the numbers for a follow-on death toll of its own.

Dramatic shifting down, however, from New South Wales. Less than half of last with a 10 point hit on their roads. Western Australia on for 7 and three off from their outing in the same period a year ago. A veritable treble of trouble tripping the state up north with a count of 3 for the Northern Territory.

Taking photos of South Australia's outback is not as serene or calm as it falls when a woman posts up that state's lone road fatality. Indrid Cold, are you to blame or was it just a simple bokeh gone wrong?

Tasmania spits in with a single digit digit single to load up the tail end of the tail end's headlong plunge into the new year.

ACT, ever the slumbering drag strip, again free of skid marks and a round up of zero to quench the thirst of the Christmas and New Year holiday road toll.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 13 January 2011

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