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Crashing is all part of that Christmas spirit and soul

No rest for the wicked as the bodies roll into the death hold for the end of year holiday road toll. Sweating nothing but the space in the morgue, the kick into the dent of population continues a hearty pace. As the nation gears on for the Christmas fattening of their pouches, the wheels continue rolling away long after the cinders and ash.

Currently reading out with 20 on a nationwide scale, it's New South Wales showing the skid marks what for heading 7 into the mix. Queensland are hot on the death trail with 5 body bags as Victoria doubles the English rude salute to perch the cliff's edge on 4. South Australia and Tasmania pile on with 2 each and merry the way down the line.

With the road toll period extending out into 2007 the numbers will only be impressive as the days tick on.

Brake? Get on the good foot.

Boxing Day to come will offer options such as particle board, wood, metal or the environmentally friendly choice of paper.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 25 December 2006

The Wax Conspiracy



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