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Entire nation screeches in-hand at 2015 holiday road toll, 35 for the lot

Liberty takes its freedom from the metallic jaws of life, wrenching guts and entrails from the side of the road to reveal that spirits are up as the bodies are high. We're 35 for the Christmas and New Year national holiday road toll and it's a bang up job to bang up a write-off with NSW at the headless.

Taking no less than 10 at the end of the run, it's a crowning crack of the skulls as New South Wales cherries the pips and takes the title back from South Australia.

Victoria is no slouch between the two, pulling in limbs a-double from their turn out last year to render 8 on the board that speaks no more.

Queensland shows one better as they note that it's a 5 door type of economy slamming brakes all too late in their golden state of abusement.

Which sees the fall of South Australia, slunk into the centre lot like the friend who misses out on either left or right side seats and has to take that cup holder in their back for the entire day's fatigued drive.

Racing toward the end, with just that gusto you like to see, Tasmania sends in one last in the form of a motorcyclist, rounding things out in their broken neck of the woods of 4.

There are only two things sent away in the locales of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, 2 each on their merits. ACT also putting one up on the board, a lonely one, but one more than none and what window breaks in such a stellar group effort all around.

And that's how you play it from 23 December 2015 to 3 January 2016. The days may be low, the screeches high on the frequency, but when the words of pitching in are heard, it's all up and running without arms to the nearest mark and hello there new year, look outside, it's summertime, again.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Wax Conspiracy



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