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Easter road toll for 2005 bests last year

Despite even the pretence of foul play in working the Easter holiday road toll numbers, 2005 proved to be a smashing success compared to 2004. "Absolutely stunning," say the pundits, car wreckers and number crunchers.

Scraping off the roads for another Easter holiday road trip, the numbers seem to suggest that patrons are wary of self-infliction. More hopeful of being taken out by forces outside their windscreen. Their prescience on a natural disaster wiping out another bit of Asia and taking the spotlight, uncanny.

Clocking in the deaths of 26, Victoria upstaged all other states with a blasting record of eight dead. A stunning rise from their late run effort of two during last year's Easter holiday period.

South Australia cracked into the second spot as their numbers rocked in with a massive pile up of seven lifeless. New South Wales' Operation Tortoise clocked in a round number of six skid marks, levelling their best of last year's results to sign the premier state up holding the bronze car wreck.

Queensland licked off three with a nip of two crash test dummies coming from Western Australia's line in the sand. The ACT and Northern Territories still cling on to their wooden spoons. Again showing paltry efforts by having no fatalities on their roads.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 30 March 2005

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