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Easter road toll 2020 feeds social distance with low rollover

Sunset closes another holiday and resting period. And five are what ship out over the Easter long weekend as COVID-19 tempers the shattering of taillights. Nobody’s on the roads when nobody’s on the roads.

Tripping out a trinity, New South Wales rises to the top with three for the season. A steady grasp holding on from numbers last year. They are the difference makers with each reported Operation Tortoise calamity taking care to not share the same day of the week.

Keeping pace with their overall numbers from last year of the year, South Australia saw fit to fit into a second place tie with one. Dipped up in spite of the Coronavirus, down from last year.

On the other slice, Western Australia takes a half from last year but still manages to slide shards with one to sit equal in second. Vehicles and sinew off the roads to 90 per cent from 2019 and the stand out being on the younger side.

Queensland rails down and closes out the top pack, also with one. Theirs slamming late on the brakes with a corpse just over the post on the last day.

And then goes the rest of the states and territories in quiet mode.

Operation Nexus speeds through all the traps in Victoria, yet not a single windshield cracks the limit. Even interstate riffraff do nothing for blowing over the numbers where it counts.

The Northern Territory skews low in the regular season, so make note that a leaderboard running the tally can only reflect the speed at which the figures pile up and in. Large numbers show up with an increase in font size.

Tasmania draws to a close with a spray of cops on the side of the road and one person coming out from a party alone and a total zero.

Much as it is in the ACT.

Stay at home. Save lives. Keep the black and cracked dry. For the period between 10 April to 13 April 2020 all the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines make for a dim shimmer. Still, those in the older set make up a decent hunk by the side of the bitumen. Hoons at the wheel can’t forge enough essential travel papers to get in there.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 19 April 2020

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