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Easter road toll 2019 goes four times the four day weekend with 16

Time it right and the tail end with ANZAC day holiday nets 10 days off. Weaken it some with a day off and that’s 16, the same gone forever for the Easter period before clocking out and down for the road tolls.

For as much as their Easter road safety campaign, it was Queensland and their Easter Road Safety Campaign that sees a rise to the top stropping up 4 bodies on the national roads. The sunshine clearing itself away from sharing the duties of last year.

New South Wales reports in with three fatalities, a split difference from last year with the numbers being in flux toward the end. That’s a photo finish with markers on the road as their Operation Tortoise crawls behind for a shared-second place finisher.

Making up the rest of the second place it’s a crowd of three threes with both Victoria chalking in the same street. South Australia picks up the slack with their runs over Operation Safe Holidays. Both second states bringing in an improvement over the year before.

Down in the bowels shows a similar style of grouping with the rest of the other states striking singles on the speed run radar. Western Australia pulls up a hit and run to make their showing.

Tasmania could split from the singles fracture-pack if an ICU patient goes lights out in 30 days, but for now, the inverted triangle is in it with one as well.

Up there in the Northern Territory a car sits alone wanting for dash-cam footage but the result is still the same.

Nothing of note finds itself in the ACT and for that, nothing of a number shows up for their road rally tally.

Back to work after the cool down period, skipping over the one with the two-ups, for a call to sweep it all up between 18 April to 22 April 2019. An edge call over 2018 with who knows what numbers if the holidays overlapped into a chain.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 6 May 2019

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