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Easter road toll 2018 swings through with 15 at stumps

Not even a cricket ball shaved on one side of the road will tamper the spirits floating off into the nether. Easter is a choc late but high on the 15 out on the boundaries.

Hand in foot, it’s New South Wales and Queensland champions on the top of the heap with 4 bodies a piece. For NSW it was known as Operation Tortoise mousing down its numbers. (Nevermind that parallel Operation Merret that only cited itself with two bodies.)

Queensland were looking to trail, but a young non-start clipped it in at the last day break to secure a double standing for the state.

Not all states and territories like spreading out their spread outs across the spread. It’s a splashy thing for the Northern Territory to rock through third place with 3 in a single appeal peeling off Kakadu Highway. Four more are waiting from injuries, being in stable conditions despite amputations means no likelihood of countbacks to rocket to first.

And then like a pile-up asking for the scrap, a whole bunch of states run up the ladder with 1 each for their stakes before lunch.

For Victoria it was a single motorcycle on their Operation Nexus to nowhere.

Western Australia really took it out of the park on their slam hand. One crash leads into a char and then into a bush fire. Go big and go flamin’.

Tasmania took it from the side with Operation Crossroads sparking a cry for road crash equality as the motorcyclists continue to saturate the statistics. It’s a horse’s affair, and more than two wheels should represent.

South Australia took it all the way off road with their body dead in a hospital flowing on from Operation Safe Holidays.

Nobody bother sticking around the ACT. It was Operation Safe Arrival, but who was even around when the whole ordeal started? Nothing from the nation’s capital.

At least in all the counting it’s a creep back up on the numbers from 2017. That was it, chalking it up from around 29 March to 2 April 2018.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 4 April 2018

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