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Easter road toll 2014 rests a dozen ahead of ANZAC weekend

'smiles riding into the breach, the beach, the trees that never hug back. Easter brings another road toll, celebration on the nation's roads as the tally takes a team effort, but this year we're down and out but 19 off the course. Western Australia making fun use of that extra sun.

Down, down into the belly of the jaws-of-no-life as Western Australia rears ahead and says, yes, we'll take five this year, please and thank you and remember that ram ventilation keeps the breathing a fishy water experience but blood is always thicker than water and doesn't help the lungs. Especially when punctured with a door.

Queensland joins soon after, but a tandem bike could not be added at the list, so they offer three bodies for the part of that year where people work more on what to do on their days off than what they would do on the on. That's not enough to make a jigsaw puzzle, but the busting glass, the painful scream, that a tessera doth maketh plenty enough.

Two fingers up from New South Wales, shy of last year, but still rude as ever as much as SQL clustering leads to a scatterbrain of literal proportions and viscera. If you don't keep your foreign keys in check you'll lock yourself out of the car table and find DELETE FROM LIFE; about to drop all of Bobby's tales into your nights.

But sometimes it's a lonely road and that's the road taken by Tasmania and Victoria as one each fills their coffers. In total, last year it was full week of corpses to count off. Oh how they have rolled over to the shoulder and bedded in the sharp rocks.

Still, always something better than nothing as ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia stand idly by, quite for the rustling of rocks eroding by wind and whispers. That there then rolls out the 19 as the nation unbuckles itself and saves some bodies for a game of Two-up just around the other side of the week.

It's a hard knock life knocking off lives, but if you look hard enough at the frowns on the bodies hanging upside down from trees you'll notice they're actually smiles.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 25 April 2014

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