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50 Shades! The Musical

Balls-to-the-chin deep in its free and fluid use of language, 50 Shades! does not shirk its punches against the source material. It's raw and unforgiving, tearing away at the scant flesh of the ...

Reviewed 29 January 2014 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Chicago: The Musical

Snappiest way to jump into the era is via the atmosphere of aural cues. And it's done as soon as the first brass instrument trills from the stage. Not sure if it's the affectation or really the ...

Reviewed 13 November 2013 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

West Side Story

Nothing says theatre better than men jumping into each other's arms gracefully while landing soft punches. The art of fighting on stage is a craft of ballet, dancing to a song you hear in your ...

Reviewed 29 November 2012 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Shrek The Musical

Cold and colder with the air pulling all hairs in goose-slapping fashion. Fog machines at the ready, the clouds and fairy tales are on for a song and "Once upon a time..." starts us off.

Reviewed 23 February 2012 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

In The Heights

Rhythm and delivery at first sounds like rap, then hip hop. A little more and it's definitely a heart of poetry. The slam and the beat. A sound distinct, the patter unique, the ears in for a treat.

Reviewed 25 January 2012 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Mooseltoe: A New Moosical

Minor static on the backing tapes, deep set into the rear of the stage and faces that move while the words aren't coming out or do when they don't. It's lip-synching for the matinee and ...

Reviewed 5 December 2011 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Young Frankenstein The Musical

Strobe lights are thick and fast, landing a white coat on the back of the throat while your eyes stumble out of their sockets and jump back when they find out how chapped your cheeks are.

Reviewed 20 November 2011 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Monty Python's Spamalot - Lexington Opera House

God is Eric Idle. Or the voice of. Or at least the recording is what introduces the show and hushes those in the audience with fingers on their mobiles and loud lolly wrappers.

Reviewed 18 January 2011 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

The Color Purple: The Musical About Love - Lexington Opera House

Based on Alice Walker's epistolary novel, the musical production of The Color Purple takes the heart and struggle to explode its essence in song. And rather cheekily at that.

Reviewed 15 September 2010 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Sita Sings the Blues

Wake up in a mop sweat in bed at number 4 Susannah Place and, if you're lucky (time travel wise), you're in the early rat-infested era of Sydney (there are no time travel insurance policies).

Reviewed 5 June 2009 under Film and DVD

We Will Rock You: the musical by Queen & Ben Elton - Lyric Theatre, Star City - 10/10/04

The roulette table captures money as a result of a miscalculated guess on even to show red 15. Time taken reads a full minute with half an hour to spare for the walk up the spiral of stairs and ...

Reviewed 11 October 2004 under Live Music

Debbie Does Dallas the musical - Everest Theatre, Seymour Centre - 15/09/04

Screening the word "cops" left a half-minute unaccounted for. Blood vessels at the back of the brain wanted to break free as a temple tried to explode and the intestines were ready to ...

Reviewed 16 September 2004 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

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