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Vampillia - Alchemic Heart

I suppose that if a band were going to release an album that consisted of two tracks but also of one, it was going to be Japanese band, Vampillia. I’d never heard of this band until I came ...

Reviewed 21 February 2011 under Not So Live Music

Boredoms - Pop Tatari

I've owned Pop Tatari by Japanese noise-rock band the Boredoms for a few years now. I decided to review it because I had nothing to do as I was listening to it.

Reviewed 3 July 2003 under Not So Live Music

The Ring

Initially, I was expecting this film to be a little X-Files; investigate a mystery and see what's killing the kids. A few minutes in, I likened it more to Denzel's Fallen; the investigator(s) had ...

Reviewed 16 November 2002 under Film and DVD

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