The Wax Conspiracy

Today's favourite is tomorrow's glue

Fools will often impart their bad advice on Cup Day - instructions on picking a winner flying fast and ready. TAB looking for suckers, and woe betide any who go to the window asking for advice or better picks. "Look at the queues!" the cashier will screech and refuse service. You're lucky you weren't beaten by the crazed mob.

Women strut about the city all frocked up - matching shoes and bags while parading resemblances to deceased waterfowl on their hastily coiffed skulls. Is this even about the horses any more? Clearly not, with all their savage mistreatment, this sport of Kings seeks only to profit and kill the maimed/crippled.

Office sweeps panhandle unsuspecting passers-by and further fleece them. There is one clear winner already in this foolhardy society of ours, and it's shareholders thanking you for your broken long-odds dreams.

Records for everything are broken and have been breaking all day - not unlike the spirits of the failed masses who failed to 'read the form right'

The Winner, Makybe Diva, now has $5,000,000 to flap about proudly.

Jimmy Weasel

Written on Tuesday, 1 November 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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