The Wax Conspiracy

Rene Rivkin - We Hardly Knew Ye

The family of Rene Rivkin have asked for privacy, and the NSW Police have given no clues to the methods underlying all the madness. Suggestions of an OD fly across the tabloid news (despite failing to overshadow the foul, foul mouth of Rove McManus) along with obituarily verbose jabberings about this gentleman's life; never failing to mention the recent turmoil.

Being guilty in the eyes of The Law, and the apparently deathly brainsick lifestyle that is the preternatural significant other to the rich and shameless (and possibly the destruction of his marriage) are suggested to have lead to his final decision.

There have been no indications as to whether his ashes will be shot from a cannon from the top of his mother's apartment.

Jimmy Weasel

Written on Monday, 2 May 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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