The Wax Conspiracy

Commonwealth pops another Capper from below the depths of trash

Over the wake of a bloodshot hangover, ripples in the sea of briquettes after former AFL player Warwick Capper's admission and confession on slicing eyeballs and junking the veins during his tenure at the Sydney Swans. A ploy and revelation boning up the backside on the release of his book, Capper, Fool Forward.

Where otherwise to suffer the acid wash under a rabid froth, the book now looks set to gain an audience of repeat offenders. Foraging for nuggets of naked comprehension and new newness, their hunts will face an inglorious wall of repetition and a nightmare of post-coital remorse. Otherwise not already explained away at large through various plot destructions courtesy of sports media, the readership may demand a charge more than that given not unlike the mythical creature known as the free dealing dope pusher.

Out and against the freshly exhumed drug chunking airing the laundry past the statute of limitations and tribunals, and moral standing, Melbourne launched the Australian sector of the Queen's Baton relay in the lead up to next year's Commonwealth Games. Currently in Nigeria, leg 14 of its wayward journey through the 71 Commonwealth destinations, nominees for the Queen's Baton relay have been opened. Challenges are for the mighty writers.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 29 April 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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