The Wax Conspiracy

What the deuce are they planning next?

In a deft slight-of-hand media spin cycle, not only have specific credible threats been suggested as the best distraction of monstrous IR reform and anti-terror legislation, but an email hoax to better Virgin mobile and PlayStation marketing campaigns has savaged inboxes throughout the city of Sydney.

"It's surprising that peoples 'FWD' buttons don't just fall off from overuse. I hate your goddamn jokes, and I don't think the NSW Police are going to circulate warnings the same way that parents generate money for MSN sponsored kids," hissed one cynic on the train today.

The "threat", apparently from some kind of "Security Supervisor", cites Town Hall Station as the target, and 5pm as the time. There is no suggestion as to the means, nor the originators rank, or title. "It's all bollocks" the cynic continued "the real issue here is how the terrorists invested heavily in salmon farming shares before releasing the goddamn bird flu. This whole scenario is by far dumber than a beatbox contest, or even the 'Weekend Surcharge' at Bondi's Mocean. What's up with that?".

Logic and conspiracy knee jerk instinct dictates that Laurie Newham is just another victim in this ruse.

Jimmy Weasel

Written on Thursday, 3 November 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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