The Wax Conspiracy

Jimmy Weasel

The Dutch Hunter

Fellow Wax Conspirator and Journeyman of a thousand Dutchmen, Jimmy first cut his teeth in the cut-throat world of low budget Hollywood extravanga better known to extreme movie buffs as Race the Sun. In this finely made vehicle for renewable energy alternatives, The Weasel gave it his all as the learned blur seen in all but too brief a moment in one of the many scenes in the film.

To those who know him best, he will always be remembered for the quote, "There's nowhere to print."

That is not to say that the man known as Jimmy Weasel is fulfilling the endgame role of a corpse in one of the fine mortuaries in Sydney, Australia. Nor does it denote the fate of the blade in which Duckman holds so valiantly.

Citing such lumninaries as Hunter S. Thompson and Fydor Dostoyevsky as idols, there will hardly be a time in which Jimmy can be so insincere.

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