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Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky

> There was a point a few years ago during a particular show when I was on tour with Angels of Light, with Akron/Family serving as the backing band. It was during the song The Provider.

Reviewed 28 November 2010 under Not So Live Music

Angels of Light - We are Him

When M. Gira toured through Australia earlier this year on the All Tomorrow’s Parties bill he played a few sideshows, including one at The Basement that I was fortunate enough to catch.

Reviewed 28 August 2009 under Not So Live Music

M. Gira - The Consumer

Gira was in Swans. The book is separated into two sections: the first, The Consumer, contains writings from 1993 to 1994; the second, Various Traps, Some Weaknesses, Etc, contains writings from ...

Reviewed 12 September 2006 under Papercuts on the Mind's Tongue: Books

Swans - Soundtracks for the Blind

THIS IS THE FINAL SWANS STUDIO ALBUM This is what we're talking about: Soundtracks for the Blind, released in 1996, was Swans' swan song. There are two CDs, Silver and Copper, and something like ...

Reviewed 7 June 2005 under Not So Live Music

Swans - Cop/Young God/Greed/Holy Money

This is what we're talking about: The way to break in a Swans record is to confine yourself to a corner of the room and refuse yourself permission to do anything other than listen.

Reviewed 1 May 2005 under Not So Live Music

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