The Wax Conspiracy

Nature takes it back on the Christmas 2022 holiday road toll on 34

If it wasn’t the end of it all, it is the end of all of it all the same. Kick over the bins and fill up the holes in the backyard, it’s silver and trees taking us out. On the deep red wash of Christmas 2022 and New Year’s the national road toll brushes 34 under Australia.

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Pokémon Oreos x Money Laundering

Rare biscuits are as common as diarrhoea and not surprisingly look good enough to eat through dirty money. Wash, wipe, repeat, and you’ve got yourself a scheme brewing.

Pokémon Oreos x Money Laundering continues…

Review: Goodbye 20th Century – the SYR sessions

Starting is the hardest. 2,3 times. Anagrama, June 10, 1997. Sunset orange. Anagrama. A Spanish word lost in a sea of French. A remnant of the Franco-Spanish war. Like catholic channel islanders who religion is dictated by proximity to france. Slow start. 9:31

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Once Upon a Time in [Latin] America
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Once Upon a Time in Patagonia - an epistolary
“Every day I keep writing this report bit by bit, so that it looks like a diary without a date. Please be patient in reading it.”
(Letter of Sebastian Rodrigues)