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Easter road toll 2022 smashes through 14 chassis

Feel that chill gear up as two weekends in a row go for long drives off the cliff to neverwhere. Easter 2022 then into ANZAC day. What a time to be waking up a Wednesday thinking it's Friday again. The roads are calling, it's 14 this round. Not for the fortnight.

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Pokémon Oreos x Money Laundering

Rare biscuits are as common as diarrhoea and not surprisingly look good enough to eat through dirty money. Wash, wipe, repeat, and you’ve got yourself a scheme brewing.

Pokémon Oreos x Money Laundering continues…

Review: Goodbye 20th Century – the SYR sessions

Starting is the hardest. 2,3 times. Anagrama, June 10, 1997. Sunset orange. Anagrama. A Spanish word lost in a sea of French. A remnant of the Franco-Spanish war. Like catholic channel islanders who religion is dictated by proximity to france. Slow start. 9:31

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Once Upon a Time in [Latin] America
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Once Upon a Time in Patagonia - an epistolary
“Every day I keep writing this report bit by bit, so that it looks like a diary without a date. Please be patient in reading it.”
(Letter of Sebastian Rodrigues)