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Privacy policy

The Wax Conspiracy respects your privacy. There are some little things you should know about being here on this site. This here privacy policy is for you.

"We" from here on in on this here page will refer to us. "Us" will in turn refer to The Wax Conspiracy. "Our" will also refer to us. And we. Oui.

We will never sell or hand your details to any third parties. Not even if our gonads find themselves married face-to-fetch to electrodes and an alternating current source.

Email addresses

We don't collect, publish or print them. Or store them. Or even rub vaseline between the cracks of each letter.

If filling out your email address on any of our contact forms, you are making contact directly with one of us. Said email address will only be used as a means to reply back. Like getting back to you or answering your question(s). Should you have any. And we welcome all questions and comments.

Feel free to send some email by the way.


Who needs them? Certainly not diabetics. Unless they be sugar-free.

There are ads on some pages. Those third party parties which show the ads may plant cookies for the purposes of tracking your visits across other websites. This is in order to track and tailor the things they're trying to shove down your throat and tempt you to part with your cash money.

Visit the Google Ad and content network privacy policy if you would like to opt-out of any tracking by the Google DART cookies served via visiting this site among others.

Turn them off or block them if you want. Won't affect how you view our site or reading of our finely cultured stash of reviews or articles.

External sites

We may find ourselves linking out to other sites. But we're not responsible for the actions or privacy policy on other sites. When you leave the house of The Wax Conspiracy, follow the new house rules you're in. You've left ours behind.

Affiliate ads and links

We make a commission off of any of your purchases or completed orders made if you click through an affiliate link. It helps us pay the hosting. In a decade or two we might even make enough to pay the second year.

The sites we send you to through the affliate links will track your visit with a cookie that says we sent you and to credit us with a commission if you buy anything within a certain time frame.

Target audience

There's an occasional drop in of profanity and cussing, so with that in mind, The Wax Conspiracy is intended for audiences with a strong adult tongue and prior exposure to said use of the English language.

Contact us

Got questions about the privacy policy? Then reach us at any of the means below:

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