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Supersize Me - Dendy Newtown Cinemas

Unseen vomit threw a detour in earlier plans to watch notable athletes and community people running in shorts in a winter evening kept warm by a travelling Olympic flame.

Reviewed 5 June 2004 under Film and DVD

Grimace: This mound… This mystery!

Purple, round and defiant; they know it as Grimace. If you prick him, he may bleed purple. But he is not a Klingon. Before you can visit death upon your enemy, you must know him. So what exactly is this Mcdonaldland resident?

Published Monday, 13 June 2011

Questionable McDonald's Board Promote Corporate Clown

The corporate board of McDonald's have promoted a clown as their new Chief Happiness Officer. That clown is 40-year-old Ronald McDonald. First appearing way back in 1963, Ronald was a marketing ...

Written Friday, 29 August 2003 under Media and Marketing

A clean bill of health for sickness

The Ronald McDonald House is a supposed refuge, a "home away from home" for those of the younger set waiting for an operation or recuperating from such at a nearby hospital.

Written Friday, 9 May 2003 under Media and Marketing

Pray It's Not The Evil Fake

I was watching an interview with The Vines. They mentioned how they got together and how they were surprised at all the attention they were getting or some such shit. I don't know; I hate The Vines.

Written Thursday, 17 October 2002 under Entertainment

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