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I was watching an interview with The Vines. They mentioned how they got together and how they were surprised at all the attention they were getting or some such shit. I don't know; I hate The Vines.

One thing they did mention was that they had met each other at the McDonalds where they worked. It was said in a most triumphant voice; it reeked of "we used to work at McDonalds and now look at us".

Was this a misguided "take that capitalism"? Was it an endorsement of a co-opted American dream? Was it spoken with a post-ironic irony? Was I reading too much into it? Was this sequence of "was" questions getting a little stupid?

Segue: Have you ever seen The Mummy? Well, there's this one bit where Rachel Weisz (who played Evelyn) is able to decipher a stone tablet and find the whereabouts of a certain book. When she finds it she exclaims, again triumphantly, "Take that Bainbridge Scholars!".

The attitude of the guy from The Vines reminded me of that scene. Only this time the Vines didn't save the world from a Mummy, they just released an extremely over-hyped and shitty CD.


Belvedere Jehosophat

Written on Thursday, 17 October 2002

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