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Fahrenheit 9/11 - Michael Moore

There are those who say Michael Moore is a bad person. They'll say he's unpatriotic. That he's slovenly and loud. There are also those who say the complete opposite; that he is saintly and ...

Reviewed 24 July 2004 under Film and DVD

Iraq the party that rocks the body

On a good day the news is quick and quirky. But there hasn't been a good day for news in the past week, more even. In the worst case scenario—as has become evident—it lasts hours on end, ...

Written Thursday, 27 March 2003 under Media and Marketing

In The Name Of World Peace, In The Name Of World Profits

It seems that the war on terror has found for itself an invaluable new ally. Neal Rowland, owner of Cubbie's in North Carolina, has demonstrated his support for US troops by renaming french fries ...

Written Saturday, 22 February 2003 under The Human Stain

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