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Social avoision: Taking a message kills the phone call marketeer

Cause after a while, you stop leaving the phone on a soap opera to make a pot of stew in the bowl or use the telemarketer as a free therapy session where they end up being the one asking for and ...

Written Monday, 26 March 2012 under The Human Stain

Social avoision: Killing conversations in public toilets

Quiet is the quiet rule that exists in the realm of the public toilet. An extension to the masses of the wonders of indoor plumbing and experiments in tile decor selection.

Written Wednesday, 8 April 2009 under The Human Stain

Social avoision: Lifts, elevators and riding the quiet within

Little boxes on cable wires. Little boxes on the building site. Little boxes riding up and down all day long. In hospitals and on train station platforms.

Written Tuesday, 20 May 2008 under The Human Stain

Social avoision: Escaping the gaze and gawp of chuggers

City walkers and the charity muggers, of good causes and not so not-for-profit organisations. Walking and beating the streets with hands out and clipboard at the steady ready.

Written Friday, 18 May 2007 under The Human Stain

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