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A Nightmare on Backstreet: A Boy Band Musical Parody

Freddy Krueger lines up with one of the more haunting sounds of the pop-sided 90s in the Ballad of the Backstreet Boys, laying waste with suggested blood and theatrical smoke.

Reviewed 7 November 2016 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Beyond the gap-toothed seating hangs a mirror on the fourth wall (itself never broken) waiting for the grooming sessions. A man will paw at his facial hair a shave or two different to the man on ...

Reviewed 18 March 2016 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

And the Tide Shall Cover the Earth by Norma Cole

Rookies playing marbles couch the glass eye in the crook of their index finger and flick out with the thumb. Then comes along a shark who pivots on the thumb, ratcheting back the bonker on the tip ...

Reviewed 16 August 2015 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

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