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Too many horses, throw a horse away: Interview with Burton Durand of Horse_eComics

Leg Butt. And so it begins. And also, this interview with Burton Durand, the creator and mind behind Horse_eComics.

Garfield's Ghosts and the Veterans Day Misdirection

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making people think he didn't exist. Jim Davis, on the other hand, sits in an cloud fluffed by others where he no longer works directly on the Garfield comic strip. Causing controversy to right that boat and steer the light back onto his hands was enough to muddy, and seemingly dispel, the rumours for at least another year.

Time and a Half

A venture in time for 28 Days Later. The back of the double pass read, "Seating is limited so please arrive early to avoid disappointment."

In Full Focus: A Miasmatic Supanova

Choking on a HeroClix slammed sideways down the trachea after witnessing Supanova 2003. Stocked with a stark absence of photos, drawings, sketches and pictures.

For Those Who Came In Late

For a while I had been drinking Vanilla Tea. I have recently gone back to normal tea but now normal tea tastes so bitter it's like having ashes in my mouth. Sugar doesn't remedy the situation, it only makes me fat.

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