The Wax Conspiracy

When the head is indistinguishable from the body

Events of a strange new era are starting to converge (as discussed earlier) into a disturbing reality. Within two days of each other, seperate news updates from other sources are released—each to feed on each other, and the minds of the feeble. The primer is a puff piece from out of left-field about how truly magnificent lives are with a hybrid car. The second is authorless paranoia that screams of the grim prospect of certain tripling fuel prices. The intended effect of this combination is clearly to encourage a mass hysteria upon those who can not or will not shift their paradigms into gear. The cynical must now be aware of the great mind bend that is being sought by anyone who raises their hand for a slice of this manipulative pie.

Jimmy Weasel

Written on Thursday, 12 August 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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