The Wax Conspiracy

Strange meaningless dealings

A one hour marathon of torturous gameshow has come under scrutiny by freelance scrutineers for what may amount to disagreeable levels of "bad" television. Despite being based upon a bad concept (i.e. guess how much dosh is in the briefcase) the Host of the show appears to be drugged and forced to perform really badly written introductions and less than impressive quips.

Some viewers were appalled with his sleazy promises to one contestant to "power her personal economy".

A nearby expert in the field of gameshows remarked "What we have here is a viewing-vacuum, and nature abhors it. Nature couldn't hate it more. Channel7 have crossed the border into Stupid and haven't got the correct Visa documents. I'm sure the good people of the nation will do their bit in getting rid of this horrible show."

Viewers can call (02) 9877 7777 and complain about Deal or No Deal if they care enough.

Jimmy Weasel

Written on Monday, 14 July 2003

The Wax Conspiracy


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