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Great glee returneth; for Animals Should Not Act Like People

Rancho Relaxo: News just in that PRIMUS (with long absent drummer Herb Alexander) have clashed heads together again and recorded five brand sparkling new songs to release alongside an equally new DVD. The whole shebang is being released on October 7, bringing a smile to the faces of fans everywhere.

"I've wet my shorts; I'd never expected anything so grand. Wait 'til I call Grandma!" shrieked one fan, who scratched himself briefly and added "I was devastated when they broke up. Not that Claypool didn't throw us some quality goodies in that time; but I prefer the group as a whole."

Rabid jabbering aside, it seems that Primus will only be touring the North American continent, making fans in other parts of the world a little unhappy. Statements such as "The spontaneous visual presentation and the varied song selection will ensure that no two performances will be the same," from the monster bass player, Les Claypool, make those unavailable to the shows grit their teeth.

The package is being released through Prawnsong/Interscope, and pre-orders are being dealt with soonish. Until then, patience.

Jimmy Weasel

Written on Friday, 22 August 2003

The Wax Conspiracy

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