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Easter road toll rides on the backs of motorbikes

Cement, bitumen, guard rails, trees and the oncoming tonnes of vehicular metal flying down the opposite direction. All natural enemies of the living breathing occupants of cars along the Easter long weekend. Victoria back in form as they reclaim the pole-wrapping position of carnage and twisting chassis.

Victoria showcases a humble, yet stellar, four-door of bodies piling up the roads. A veritable soy sauce of seasoning as the Easter holidays rolls on and out. A marked improvement over last year's showing.

Long standing rivals, New South Wales, dropping half of the previous to come nipping at the heels and winklepickers of the lifeless, just one shy to prop at 3.

South Australia really into the mix tying it up on the same, a crushing of 3 eggs, watching as the chocolate ooze of life beeps and bips into flatlines. And here's to next year!

Just a little on outer to reach the podium, Queensland notches down 2 skeletons and bags to board the ride to the morgue.

Pip from the wallow as the nation's capital proving it's not all quiet with the single mark of dead rolling in a pitch for the territory.

And it was oh so close for Western Australia. Five crashes and 140 vehicles under lock and the slate was looking fatality free. But, in a last minute song screeching from the troubadour looking for a pedestrian in all the wheels, the state far west clings to a scoring.

Northern Territory and Tasmania wallowing in the back. Leaving no stains, shards or shanks in the middle of their roads, both states showcasing empty hands, fatality free.

No thanks to the last two, 14 ticks for another national Easter holiday road toll recount. A very valiant effort on behalf of motorbikes, a chunk of rubber in the temple from their leather jackets skidding into shreds. And still no coordination.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 8 April 2010

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