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Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum at San Francisco Airport

Scavenging meagre food scraps from the midnight meal crossing the Pacific Ocean to entertain the gut for the hours long layover fails to sustain the dancing attention-seeking portions of your brain.

Reviewed 8 August 2010 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

North Connect Art Gallery of San Francisco Airport

Bounciness in a moving walkway, or travelator, is a fine thing in the rush of connecting flights way too close to each other and without a pause for breath.

Reviewed 9 December 2008 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

Exactta international prepaid phone card

Terminal 3 of San Francisco domestic airport, ground floor. Not far from Two Wings for Wall and Person by Vito Acconci, an etching in 12 parts wasting away some minutes of time.

Reviewed 25 August 2008 under Paradox of Sets

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