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LA Victoria prepaid calling card

Eight hours with nothing to do at Los Angeles International Airport. No bomb threat theatre to watch. No art displays to mosey through. Nothing more than waiting in transit.

Reviewed 18 February 2009 under Paradox of Sets

Exactta international prepaid phone card

Terminal 3 of San Francisco domestic airport, ground floor. Not far from Two Wings for Wall and Person by Vito Acconci, an etching in 12 parts wasting away some minutes of time.

Reviewed 25 August 2008 under Paradox of Sets

No incoming calls allowed

Spending money on international calling cards is for the discerning traveller who finds the act of burning actual money rather gauche. Thirty dollars vanishes into a few minutes quicker than catching earwax from a payphone. If you're stranded out somewhere and you're relying on a phone card to get you through... oh dear.

Published Friday, 31 May 2013

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