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Peabody - Loose Manifesto

Before Prospero was released in 2008 it was difficult to see in what direction the band would be heading. After all, their drummer, Graeme, had left the fold and had been replaced by the ...

Reviewed 17 October 2010 under Not So Live Music

Peabody - The New Violence

With The New Violence Peabody have turned in a darker, angrier record than I think a lot of people expected, and, in doing so, have released what is so far easily the best CD of 2005.

Reviewed 17 May 2005 under Not So Live Music

A slew, a veritable slew, of concerts. (For Allen Ginsberg) (For Quentin Tarantino)

##Wednesday - 15/10/03 - (One Way Out - Gyroscope - Less Than Jake) On Wednesday I saw Less Than Jake supported by Gyroscope and One Way Out. One Way Out were a generic new school punk band that ...

Reviewed 19 October 2003 under Live Music

2003 Big Day Ow My Nose! (25/01/03) - Warning: This article is pretty long. Long and boring.

The 2003 Big Day Out was never going to be a total write off. This is because I received the ticket for free due to some clever finagling from Ethan and the fact that I'm now all smacked up on heroin.

Reviewed 28 January 2003 under Live Music

Music to Bomb Blastings With (Peabody et al. - Annandale Hotel - 17/01/03)

Live music really isn't my scene. I'm more at home at home listening to the vocal talents of bands and artists after they've been churned through the production studio to achieve a near blinding ...

Reviewed 18 January 2003 under Live Music

The Mind Is The Water (Festival At Camperdown Park - Newtown - 10/11/02)

Sunday the 10th of November, was a day of savage, savage contradictions. I don't actually know what that means or what it could be referring to but I scribbled it down on a piece of paper when I ...

Reviewed 11 November 2002 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

Of Absent Slime and Furious Vengeance (Peabody & The Fangs - 09/10/02)

Situated between a highway and train tracks the campus at UWS Campbelltown provides a perfect location for bands to test the power of their speakers with little in the way of angry residents or ...

Reviewed 12 October 2002 under Live Music

Year Of The Horse, Sign O' The Times

This is an interview with Bluto, singer for the rock band Peabody. Don't read this if you're actually expecting an interview. There is no interview as there was no interview. Interview.

Published Tuesday, 8 April 2003

Not News, An Advertisement: Eat It Up And Rock Into It

It's not very often that I find pop/rock bands that I like. Even rarer is finding a pop/rock band that I like enough to justify the purchase of a CD. For the most part I enjoy these bands live.

Written Saturday, 12 October 2002 under Entertainment

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