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Blackfish serves more as a confessional for its past trainers and ringmasters to let it all out than it does to highlight the sad state of marine life under SeaWorld’s care.

Reviewed 22 January 2014 under Film and DVD

Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia - IMAX Sydney, Darling Harbour

Dip the 3D glasses in the sink and hand them fresh to the patrons. Watch as they find a speckle of water on their lenses and force themselves to smooth out the warp of plastic in the novelty size ...

Reviewed 15 June 2007 under Film and DVD

We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen

Directed by Tim Irwin, We Jam Econo is close to being one of the best band documentaries I've ever seen. The documentary follows Mike Watt around as he reveals the story of the Minutemen and, in ...

Reviewed 4 April 2007 under Film and DVD

Refused Are Fucking Dead

Directed by guitarist Kristofer Steen, Refused Are Fucking Dead documents the last tour of Swedish hardcore punk band, Refused. Ground down by years of relentless touring and growing ...

Reviewed 24 July 2006 under Film and DVD

Deep Sea 3D - IMAX Darling Harbour - 21/06/06

Five minutes to quickly turns to ten minutes over the hour. No sign of open doors and three women eat out one box of popcorn with their mouths open. Kernels hit the ground with as much frequency ...

Reviewed 23 June 2006 under Film and DVD

Murderball - Dendy Opera Quays

Flapping through the shadows, various articles of street press and promotional flyers. Ready to slice open a finger susceptible thanks to dry skin being a prime surface for paper cuts.

Reviewed 14 September 2005 under Film and DVD

History of Wrestlemania I-IX (1985-1993)

Vince McMahon wearing a tuxedo, complete with bow tie and cummerbund, provides a strange and scary visual. Expected at any moment is the sudden shredding, a tearing away of the penguin mock like a ...

Reviewed 8 April 2005 under Film and DVD

Fahrenheit 9/11 - Michael Moore

There are those who say Michael Moore is a bad person. They'll say he's unpatriotic. That he's slovenly and loud. There are also those who say the complete opposite; that he is saintly and ...

Reviewed 24 July 2004 under Film and DVD

'Living With Tigers' set to maul integrity

Well known to many is the sight of Disney pushing a swathe of lemmings off a cliff just to show you how stupid they are. Lessons are learnt and skin burnt for better pelt and the producers of The ...

Written Monday, 8 September 2003 under Entertainment

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