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The Spanish have been churning out some remarkable movies recently. For example, a Spanish film of interest out at the moment is Buried, a “single setting thriller,” in which we see Ryan ...

Reviewed 11 November 2010 under Film and DVD

The Passion of The Christ

For those who came in late, Mel Gibson relented and subtitles are found throughout The Passion. Unlike Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon though, Chinese wasn't spoken. Instead, Aramaic and Latin.

Reviewed 25 February 2004 under Film and DVD

Cracking the fig leaf and the hair back down there

Hare Krishnas have their art and dance the treat and are far from commenting on the rakes of society. But it's nothing compared to the snapshot of Christianity and the artworks of the period ...

Written Monday, 5 September 2011 under A Religious Flavour

Clarity of definition is lost in the bloody wind

Straddling a corpse primed to the teeth with death over the unliving skin, a young man was pulled over by his startled schoolmates on the way to their private Catholic school.

Written Friday, 4 February 2005 under A Religious Flavour

Guns for these ones but not for those ones

Showing no fear, the Australian government continues on with what appears to be another media based attack on Muslims in Australia. The ad campaign, "Let's Look Out For Australia" ...

Written Friday, 3 January 2003 under A Religious Flavour

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