The Wax Conspiracy

Clarity of definition is lost in the bloody wind

Straddling a corpse primed to the teeth with death over the unliving skin, a young man was pulled over by his startled schoolmates on the way to their private Catholic school. Visibly upset, a blind dog sitting by the roadside where the course pelvic workout was taking place asked what manner of God would forbid such a thing. Talking through their slashed throats, the leader of group that had pulled the thrusting boy off the other, rebutted with a silent bow, palms clapsed like an Academy Awards audience member.

Another member of the Slashed Throats, pointing toward a grassy knoll, revealed the location of a voyeur in their midst. With the latest round of constant health fears surrounding Pope John Paul II, it's believed that the man in the iron cast leg discreetly taking footage was an agent for the Vatican.

Out perhaps for a day from solitary refinement or even as an excursion in learning the trials of an ordinary person's life, he's attempt at a hasty escape was thwarted by the absence of a second leg.

When questioned about the initial riding of the corpse, the boy, stunned and now unaware of his recent actions, started muttering in tongues and devouring crispbread.

Then, before taking a second glass of red wine, started convulsing and vomiting up a portrait of the Virgin Mary across the road, who herself was pointing a finger toward the corpse.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 4 February 2005

The Wax Conspiracy


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