The Wax Conspiracy

Aperçus of Paranoid Times

y despues, visitar Utrecht le recordaria a uno los uteros

De todas las cucarachas (cucarachas alemanas, cucarachas chinas, cucarachas francesas), las cucarachas americanas son las peores. No es solo lo que traen (enfermedad y muerte), sino lo que dejan atrás (una cultura imperializante pegajosa como un glaseado balsámico).

juicio por aforismo

Este país vuelve locas a las mujeres: ya sea de hecho o en virtud. Todos los signos apuntarán naturalmente a la perturbación cuando los preceptos se aplican mal, cuando las entradas del diario embotadas por el dolor son tergiversadas por hombres resplandecientes con pelucas resplandecientes que se paran en las resplandecientes tarimas de poder.

Fragmentos antiguos de un futuro transitorio almacenados en tiras estrechas de cinta de plastico

Vi un imperio ser forjado hoy. Fue en el antiguo café de la oficina de correos. Él era el séptimo hijo de un séptimo hijo. Ella era dinero viejo, ese dinero latifundial. Él fue bautizado Benito en siete iglesias diferentes. La tierra tembló cuando ella la caminó. & él se fijó en ella con ojos fríos.

Una Vita Violenta 1

They walked and walked, at first along tiled and bleakly lit corridors under electric lighting, and then along dusty carpets in dark shuttered places, and up a stone staircase and then further up a winding wooden stair, cloudy with dark dust.2 With each step the landscape unfolded and named itself.3 It was grotesque.4 They were cold and wet, exhausted and bereft.5

in other ages, equally ignorant, it was said an eternal fire would follow death

It was a canine interdiction dictated by necessity, when pooches were stripped from cold Muscovite streets, locked into unsafe safety modules, and (depending on how the Scooby Snax landed) blasted into orbital or suborbital orbits.


Wainscoting’s all it is, the contrivance of a façade that confuses, by sheer tyranny of ignorance, the Lord’s blessings for civility.

Socks make for essential packing

Socks make for essential packing when visiting château Point Prideaux.

by a thousand cuts

[Kingdom: Animalia

Credit card breaches are favours to cash only establishments

Another day another data breach, and on goes through the wallet to swap out the credit cards while they wait on for replacements. Cash-only is the chaser, and the primary reason to keep up the breaches.

of a certain compromised timelessness

Sunset snaps on synapses via optic nerves nervous already about degenerated maculae. Light sloughs at the interior posterior dulling keen vision – keen in the British sense, mind: of enthusiasm, eagerness.

Easter road toll 2017 chokes out 10 with the bilby and bunny

Smearing across the brow, trickling down the side of the face, not melted chocolate, but the expanse of blood out from the skin underneath. Another Easter road toll, and this bell gongs for 10 to the nation and make their way off the course and into the sidelines forevermore.

The Overdraft Fee and the Underscore

Ready at the teller, the bank salivates at the thought of a stolen cache of debit card data. There one day, gone the next, funds from your bank account. Maybe $50. Maybe $100. But enough to draw you closer to the zero balance. And they wait.

Friends of the library sales are a second-hand racket

Again, before the due date arrives, the library shelves stock books no one will read and that will pass lonely, more under the dust, at the annual (but not annual enough) book sale. It is a purge more than anything, and the smell of fresh pages butting against the mould is only enough.
The Wax Conspiracy

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