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Easter road toll 2021 eggs on the bodybags at 22

Feasting on a whole scene of ditches, Easter 2021 stretches out the COVID-19 leg cramps from the past year to pick up the streaming steam. Back on the roads feeling that perfect night with a clock of 22.

Bouncing skulls back on the bitumen, Queensland as the top of the crown took theirs with six (6) for the long weekend. Strong is the hand of the 4000 infringements amongst the lot. It was on for the young against old for it is told that when drivers detect a slightly older set on the same, one lot is not coming back.

Taking one of two, New South Wales goes up from last year but only enough for second with five (5) during their seasonally named Easter Operation. The competition was on, “With COVID19 restricting travel last Easter, we expect people to take full advantage of being able to holiday across NSW and interstate this year,” said Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Karen Webb.

Victoria takes the tie of second with five (5) pulling out all brake lines for their highest long weekend count since 2007. It was all connecting strains with Operation Nexus and a double duty quote of “The behaviour of some people, who think they can get away with doing the wrong thing all the while risking the lives of others, can only be described as idiotic and selfish,” by Road Policing Command Acting Assistant Commissioner John Fitzpatrick. Either way a socially distant mask feels nothing like an airbag in the neck.

In the second of three of pairs of hand in lifeless hand, Western Australia went over the Hillier with a double count of two (2) to slumber in at equal fourth.

South Australia was the second of the fourth of the three pair, theirs at two (2), up a corpse from last year.

Tasmania goes into equal sixth as a single hit marks the period known as Operation Crossroads.

Also with the sixth spot, the Northern Territory walks a lone car into the warm embrace of crackling embers. A tree falls as a fire goes up and a car no longer drives along the highway.

Once more into the dust, the ACT was long gone into the void with none. Zero. Everybody else taking their chalk and breaking them in any other state or territory that would have them.

Much vehicular vigor sees quite the lot of doubles play rack them up during the period of 00:01 1 April 2021 through to 23:59 5 April 2021.

Ethan Switch

Written on Saturday, 17 April 2021

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