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Anzac Day road toll down as scores of trash litter Anzac Cove

News that Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark had had sex at least once so far during the months long marriage with his wife, Crown Princess Mary, sent shock waves of discussion throughout a harsh and uncaring world. Debate mounts over the succession rights and rules on the already proclaimed death of the royal couple. As the unborn baby's gender rolls out the speculative betting odds, road side flower sellers were in greater shock at the poor turning out over the Anzac Day long weekend period.

Despite breaking out the body bags with an early jump, New South Wales turned in less than a stellar performance. Over the course of the entire three day clock, not another person was taken permanently off the roads. A number down from last year's count. Operation Go Slow was too far in effect.

As the standard cautionary heed was issued on the wind down over the Anzac Day session, things were looking sour. At the point of notice, two had been wiped out on Victorian roads. Confirmation still outstanding on later bulletins over the death of a Police officer issuing a traffic ticket. A number which surely would have marked three.

In other states, Queensland scored two while Western Australia marked only one corpse for their troubles. Efforts more than the lowly run ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania, who all presented voids.

Ethan Switch

Written on Tuesday, 26 April 2005

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