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The Last Station

Now an old bickering couple squabbling over copyright and legacy, now the strength of connective tissue that is love between a man and a woman living out one's final days in a station master's home.

Reviewed 5 April 2010 under Film and DVD

Che: Part Two: Guerrilla

Spluttering up a mean dose of determination, the lungs give out as the back of the throat cakes over with a dusty and dry void. And the asthma strikes again.

Reviewed 13 September 2009 under Film and DVD

Che, Part One: The Argentine

Che: Part One is sandwiched between Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s first meeting with Fidel Castro in Mexico, in which Guevara joins the 26th of July Movement that eventually overthrows Batista’s ...

Reviewed 6 September 2009 under Film and DVD


I've never knowingly seen a Charlize Theron movie before, and I doubt I'd ever deliberately see a film because of her. In fact, the only person I think would lure me into a darkened cinema would ...

Reviewed 21 March 2004 under Film and DVD

The Passion of The Christ

For those who came in late, Mel Gibson relented and subtitles are found throughout The Passion. Unlike Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon though, Chinese wasn't spoken. Instead, Aramaic and Latin.

Reviewed 25 February 2004 under Film and DVD

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