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Easter road toll 2008 snookers two little ducks

Bunnies, bilbies and bodies, oh my. Crashing is the rightly ritual of the road toll and this year continues that tradition in double deuce fashion.

Western Australia, long languishing in the middle to the back of the pack pounce upon the competition to slain no less than six and share the top of the ladder of Easter 2008 with Queensland. The former packing away four more as the latter leaving behind two in the bush. Collective sum of the difference and totals all roughing up 6-6-6. Ominous?

WA know how to train the kids into showing state pride. Closing out the road toll tally period, the state was looking on at tying second when a last minute effort by a teenager put WA on equal with QLD.

Slicing last year's numbers at the navel, Victoria drop the upper torsos to need only half the body bags with 5 on the rush order.

Tasmania, no slouching in this round of festivities, manage to roll out 3 hot cross bodies. Vast improvement from zero that usually keeps the Apple Isle on the bottom of the fruit basket.

Both South Australia and the Northern Territory going binary with a body each to step away from the empty that read their year previous. Switching off that digit, however, was ACT and not bringing any food to the shin dig.

Most amazing turnaround of score, in a negative stance, comes from none other than the premier state. Watching from upside-down, and not knowing where the keys are, New South Wales, from the lofty and limb flailing heights of nine in 2007 ratchet a measly fatality-free session. Far fall from gracing the top spots.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 26 March 2008

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