The Wax Conspiracy

Another Good Friday for the metallic egg shooting bunnies and bilbies

Questionable substances riddle the outer linings of Kinder surprise and Fabergé eggs during this, a most severed time of the Christian calendar. Where the case and shells in the time of Easter makes for curious hunts in the middle of the day in backyards and grass parks. Where small salivating children on sugar frenzies run amok banging baskets in search over hard boiled eggs which they can only hope melt in their pockets and not hatch a chick.

Patron monster of such time as to spread this long weekend, the Easter bunny. To the most parochial of Australians, a switch up for the bilby to deliver a most diuretic message of faith in carobs and cocoa.

Normal mammals lay not the eggs of the next generations lest they call Australia and New Guinea home and monotremata their order of disrobed puggles. Easter bunnies are far removed from their hutch and Peter ilk.

Most certainly the case need be in order to squat out multitudes of delicious and delectable spider-infested eggs for the holiday and festive period of one's passing and return.

Beware the Easter bunny, for it is a creature of most ingenuous design the likes which make even Dr. Moreau proud. A creature of intestinal curiosity to churn out foil coverings from a most delicate orifice of any body.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 6 April 2007

The Wax Conspiracy



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