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Easter road toll flips the flaming wrecks back to NSW

Fry away the broken eggs and scrambled legs; New South Wales returns to Easter corpse making form. Upending the body count of 2008, the state showing up last year trying to unlock its doors with a wooden spoon is back again on the top of the heap.

With a dubious no show in the year before, NSW beat out the rest of Australia over the four-day Easter long weekend to notch up a half dozen bodies to stack one on top of the other and pitch a far reaching goal for the other teams to crack a skull at.

Queensland rubbing just a nick of sheen losing one body to the overall tally of death with five in the hive. This places the top two positions with a wider margin from the rest of the pack over the previous outing.

Competition proving not so fierce this year as the rest of the challengers either not caring enough or just not trying harder than they are capable of. With such a lead out, NSW drivers were remarked as being "relatively well behaved" and could have done far more to extend their ranking in the count across the year on holiday session scores.

Western Australia, a flashing hazard light in 2008, nearly nowhere to be seen in Easter 2009 on a stunning drop from six to one. A similar defeat from Victoria flopping out their 5 bodies into a singular body bag.

Tasmania, with a good showing many chocolate eggs ago, rolling back to their status quo of a single turnout for the burnout. The ACT stepping up but only pushing one across the highway. Similarly a pattern result for both South Australia and the Northern Territory to finish the count of 15 all across the roads.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 15 April 2009

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