The Wax Conspiracy

we are survival machines

Passerine are the ones that sit and wait, and in sitting and waiting uncover the unkindness of ravens, the conspiracy of ravens — methodical, orderly, neat, calm, serene.


Pelagic are the hunters that spit anticoagulants into the sea, and in spitting betray the element that has long sustained them — oh, patience,
enduring, long-suffering, uncomplaining, diligent.

"They are in you and in me; they created us, body and mind; and their preservation is the ultimate rationale for our existence. They have come a long way, [these] replicators."

Argos, powerful rival of Sparta, Athens and Corinth, build your walls, there are waters coming.

Rivals of Argos, with your pre-wings, your ur-wings, you can fly high, high as you goddamn like.

'o, demon loneliness

windows started trembling, with a sonic boom. boom.

Belvedere Jehosophat

Written on Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Wax Conspiracy

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