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Easter road toll pockets a hole in the rise up from last year

Crack a splat of chocolate on the roads, it's another collection of tin foil, body wraps and the crunch of bones on the nation's bitumen strips. As Easter brings with it a time of reflection and the nudging of the slumber after three days in the dark, it's high time to remember where the score really matters. Of blood and broken guts with an increase this year in the number to pop a collar to jut at a round alphabet 26 for the whole of Australia.

Starting Victoria and Australia strong, a cyclist makes good on the spinning of his wheels and of life into death as he smears a mark as the first on the board. Others follow and even the lay over into a hospital was good enough for the numbers of Victoria to nab an impressive 10, seven over that of last year's paltry showing.

Second and always up there in the top three slots, New South Wales on 9, the same as the previous outing of seat belts and skid marks. Fearing a half dozen to render their scale a limp wrist, a late rush in the final day of the tally edged them back into respectability.

Mirroring NSW, Queensland and Western Australia both matched up their showings from 2006 to shoot 4 and 2 body bags respectively into the national accounts.

ACT were showing some signs of relevancy as they moved up from the bottom to notch a single skull for their contribution.

Sadly, South Australia, looking to claw from the wreckage of two, dropped to zero. As did the residents of Northern Territory, down from their sacrificial one to none this round.

Ethan Switch

Written on Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Wax Conspiracy

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