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Easter road toll 2024 foreshadows ANZAC numbers at 25

Not everyone needs to be royal to get cancer, but anyone can still answer the call of the crackle and smoulder during the Easter holiday road toll. Let’s count them at 25 for the period, with more empty seats at the table. Close enough, but not quite an April Fool.

Sunsets beckon 35 on the Christmas 2023 holiday road toll

Yes, somehow we’re at the end of 2023 breaching into 2024. After all the years have gone, where else are we going to wander now that the collective have taken a huge squat of numbers. Take a brew and boil off 35, out of lights during the Christmas 2023 and New Year’s amid steaming piles of metal.

Entre nazismo y la bomba

Cuando venga, que venga por sorpresa, con sonrisas torcidas y risas desconcertantes. Que venga pisando fuerte y cantando sus pies. Que venga más afilado que el diente de una serpiente, para que yo sepa lo que está pasando. Que traiga un destello de imágenes catódicas: un auto/el beso.

Easter road toll 2023 burns it up at 17 body bags

Only a few days off from the Daylight Saving switch and it's a collective breath going into the Easter long weekend. With 17 off the scoreboard forever, that's one pack of people no longer having to worry about switching the clocks forward after punching out.

Nature takes it back on the Christmas 2022 holiday road toll on 34

If it wasn’t the end of it all, it is the end of all of it all the same. Kick over the bins and fill up the holes in the backyard, it’s silver and trees taking us out. On the deep red wash of Christmas 2022 and New Year’s the national road toll brushes 34 under Australia.

Easter road toll 2022 smashes through 14 chassis

Feel that chill gear up as two weekends in a row go for long drives off the cliff to neverwhere. Easter 2022 then into ANZAC day. What a time to be waking up a Wednesday thinking it's Friday again. The roads are calling, it's 14 this round. Not for the fortnight.

Crackle goes the sound of stumps on the national Christmas holiday road toll 2021 at 35

We’re at it again with lockdowns being a part of life and a part of something to ignore. Take it out on the empty and busy roads, the case to catch the ride into the afterlife is scattered amongst the leaves. Gurgling red and bubbly between Christmas 2020 and New Years the nation road toll culls 35 across Australia.

Easter road toll 2021 eggs on the bodybags at 22

Feasting on a whole scene of ditches, Easter 2021 stretches out the COVID-19 leg cramps from the past year to pick up the streaming steam. Back on the roads feeling that perfect night with a clock of 22.

Shelter in place numbs the numbers of the national Christmas holiday road toll 2020 to 29

Lockdowns across the borders and getting low on our own mask juices makes for duller numbers blobbing through the Christmas to New Year break as the national road toll tallies up to 29 across Australia.

Easter road toll 2020 feeds social distance with low rollover

Sunset closes another holiday and resting period. And five are what ship out over the Easter long weekend as COVID-19 tempers the shattering of taillights. Nobody’s on the roads when nobody’s on the roads.

Bushfires cannot hold back the national Christmas holiday road toll 2019 up to 39 embers

Ashes silt the crashes over the course of the Christmas to New Year’s period with the national road toll charring 39 across Australia.

Easter road toll 2019 goes four times the four day weekend with 16

Time it right and the tail end with ANZAC day holiday nets 10 days off. Weaken it some with a day off and that’s 16, the same gone forever for the Easter period before clocking out and down for the road tolls.

Bifurcation on the national Christmas holiday road toll 2018 down to 37 splits

Screaming agony interrupts the Christmas to New Year’s period as the national holiday road toll spanning Australia’s coasts eases up and claims only 37 spillovers for the stretch.
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