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Easter road toll 2015 basks in miserable and magical 22

Poetry in motion as the arms and torsos fly through the shattered glass air as Australia does proud to rack 22 for the Easter holiday road toll for 2015. Soundtrack to such a mess probably including one of those songs by Taylor Swift.

Queensland, with all the guts and gusto of a state with something to prove makes the other states happy free confused and lonely at the same time. As the sunshine states those magic days rise and we forget about the hard brakes into a solid 8. (Though nothing like a symbolic zero at the hands of Althusser.)

Seems like one of those nights (2-6 April nights officially), this place is too crowded. New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia make a trinity as they each pock mark the roads with 4. If you remember from many missives about Chinese or Japanese language, four is the number of death in certain tongues because by inflection they sound the same. Ultimately it doesn't matter where you live, or your ethnicity, because it all sounds the same when blood is gurgling out. You look like bad news.

Three states together with four (translated deaths) a piece at this time of year? Collusion in the collisions.

Then we see behind door number two, a problem of Monty Hall proportions, as South Australia and the Northern Territory are ripe on an edge, each holding that single, that 1 to make sure they're still in the game. Not unlike that plane ticket to Montjuïc that you hope will bring you back, let alone take you there in the first place.

ACT and Tasmania on the other hand, at the other side of the road, ditching the whole scene and end up dreaming instead of sleeping, though fatigue did not get the better of any of their citizens.

And that is the chocolate egg of a story of none-risen. Well up from the dozen of 2014.

We won't be sleeping, but dreaming of crawling out from the wreckage to find we ditched the whole scene. Or banked it. Or just plain wrapped it up around the tree. Even though this is not the time for presents.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 9 April 2015

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